Best Home Electronics and Computer had more than 30 years experienced in engineering, products
manufacturing and reliable high volume products development.

Our  vision and mission to provide seamless quality products and services to our customers,
contractor and sub-contractor.

9/1980 -- 2/1983 Major: Electrical Engineering.
Degree: Master of Science in Electrical Engineering.
9/1977 -- 8/1980 Major: Electronic and Electrical Engineering.
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering.


Significant background and understanding of electronic circuitry, design, test
and analysis.

Experience in coordinating prototype, sub-contract,  builds and supporting the manufacturing process.

Hands-on experience in implementing test procedures for electronic circuitry,
hardware/firmware/software test and integration test, base on product
specifications and requirements

Self-starter and team player who possesses the ability to research and
effectively resolve technical issues

Wrote test requirement and test procedure to generate product evaluations and
test reports.

Proficient in MS Office (Excel, Word, Power Point and Outlook) and MS Project.

Knowledge of CAD drafting programs such as CASE TECHNOLOGY, Orcad,
VHDL Design and MICRO-CAP III with IBM PC based to design and simulation
the electronics circuit.

High-speed electronic system / hardware board designed from design
concepts, prototype, documentation to high volume production

Power management and efficiency, thermal, EMC compliance.

Hands-on designed the micro controllers board based for applications such as
fibre channel RAID storage system, Audio, Hard Disk controller utilized PCI,
ISA, VESA, EISA’s standard buses.

Digital logic circuits consisted of Xilinx FPGA, Altera FPGA, AMD MACH, PLD,
TTL,ECL, CMOS, PAL, RISC micro-processors Intel 80C960, Intel 80C186,
RAM, Dual ports RAM, Prom, state machine, sequential logic, and pipeline

Analog circuits and filter design such as Audio circuit filter Op-amp,  Power
Supply, A/D and D/A converter, BPSK modulator and demodulator, SAW filter.

Software experienced with Micro code, Assembly, BASIC and PASCAL

Hardware, software and system test integration of electronic black boxes.

Automatic electronic test equipment design for high volume production
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